Eco Lodge

Ecodevelopment means 'development' that is ecologically, socially and economically sustainable. It is initiated through site-specific village level planning by villagers themselves to achieve sustainable development of village resources, alternatives to fuel, fodder and timber and schemes to provide job alternatives to individuals and families in order to eradicate forest dependent livelihood patterns and ensure people's active participation in protection of PA resources.

In order to safeguard the precious gene pool of flora and fauna, biotic interference from the existing village needs to be removed. Village relocation from remote forest areas also benefits the villagers as they get an opportunity to reap the benefits of mainstream development at the relocation site.

In an endeavor to conserve natural resources and preserve an ecological balance, the resort uses solar lighting and recycled water for toilets.

Special Deals

  • Village Visits
  • Bazaar Visits
  • Bird Watching in winter season
  • Bird Watching in the Sanctuary
  • Bullock cart Rides
  • Boat Rides on the Barna
  • Bicycle Rides to nearby villages

Our Address

Ratapani Range Retreat

Village : Mandwa Rampura
Tehsil : Ghorganj
Dist : Raisen
State : Madhya Pradesh